• 29 pcs Pro Brush Set with Leather Case

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    Original design with natural wood handle and soft top grade leather bag.
    The makeup brushes are made of high quality goat hair, which ensures you very good quality and easy blending.
    This product is ideal for professional makeup artist as well as anyone who want a complete set of brushes.
    Very portable and handy to carry, which brings you great convenience

    Achieve any makeup look with this Pro Brush Set! 

    29 Professional Brushes Included:
    1 x Tapered Face Brush
    1 x Small Contour Brush
    1 x Large Angled Contour Brush
    1 x Large Blush Brush
    1 x Large Fluff Brush
    1 x Foundation Brush
    1 x Large Duo Fibre Brush
    1 x Tapered Highlighter Brush
    1 x Duo Fibre Powder and Blush Brush
    1 x Large Medium Powder
    1 x Small Duo Fibre
    1 x Large Powder Brush
    1 x Tapered Blender
    1 x Pencil Brush
    1 x Medium Angled Shader
    1 x Large Smokey Eye Brush
    1 x Concealer Brush
    1 x Medium Concealer Brush
    1 x Large Eyeshadow Brush
    1 x Large Concealer Brush
    1 x Mid Blender Brush
    1 x Tapered Blender Brush
    1 x Small Tapered Blender Brush
    1 x Short Eyeshadow Brush
    1 x Flat Definer
    1 x Small Angled Eye Brow
    1 x Small Eyeliner Brush
    1 x Covered Lip Brush
    1 x Small Eyeliner Brush 

    Handle Material: Wood 
    Brush Material: Goat Hair,Pony Hair, and Synthetic Hair.